What Were the Trade Routes of Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a hub of trade and commerce. The Greeks were known for their remarkable trading skills and established several trade routes that stretched across the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

These trade routes played a crucial role in the economic growth and expansion of Ancient Greece. Let’s take a closer look at some of the significant trade routes of Ancient Greece.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was an extensive network of trade routes that connected China with the Mediterranean world, including Ancient Greece. The route was named after the lucrative silk trade, which was one of the most valuable commodities traded along this route. The Silk Road also facilitated the exchange of goods, ideas, and culture between the East and West.

The Black Sea Trade Route

The Black Sea Trade Route was another important route used by Ancient Greeks to transport goods to and from their colonies along the coast of the Black Sea. This route connected Ancient Greece with regions such as Crimea, Asia Minor, and modern-day Ukraine. The main commodities traded along this route were grains, salt, fish, timber, honey, wax, and metals like iron and copper.

The Mediterranean Trade Route

The Mediterranean Trade Route connected Ancient Greece with other civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea. This route facilitated trade in goods such as wine, olive oil, pottery, textiles, metals like silver and gold as well as slaves.

The Amber Road

The Amber Road was another important trading route that stretched from Northern Europe to Ancient Greece. This route got its name from amber; a precious commodity that was mainly transported from northern Europe through this route.


These were some of the significant trade routes used by Ancient Greeks for commerce purposes. The establishment of these routes played a crucial role in expanding their economy while also promoting cultural exchange with other civilizations around them. With time these trade routes have evolved but their impact on history remains significant.