What Were Women’s Jobs in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, women were not considered equal to men and were mostly confined to their homes. However, some women did have jobs outside the home, although the nature of these jobs was restricted.

What were the jobs for women in Ancient Greece?

1. Midwives

One of the most common jobs for women in Ancient Greece was that of a midwife.

Midwives were responsible for assisting pregnant women through childbirth. They also provided postnatal care to both mother and child.

2. Priestesses

Women also played a significant role in religious ceremonies as priestesses. They were responsible for maintaining temple rituals and offerings to the gods.

3. Weavers

Weaving was considered a suitable job for women in Ancient Greece as it could be done at home, allowing them to take care of their families while earning money.

4. Prostitutes

Although not a respectable profession, prostitution was a job available to women in Ancient Greece. Women who worked as prostitutes were often slaves or foreigners with little other means of making money.

5. Nurses

Nursing was another job that women could do outside their homes in Ancient Greece. They provided medical care and assistance to those who needed it.

The Role of Women in Society

Despite being able to work outside their homes, women’s roles in Ancient Greek society were limited compared to men’s roles. Women were expected to marry and have children, with their primary responsibility being the care and upbringing of their families.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that women were inferior beings who lacked rationality and self-control, further reinforcing gender inequality in society.

However, there were exceptions where educated or wealthy women had more freedom and opportunities for work outside their homes.

In Conclusion

In Ancient Greece, women had limited job opportunities, and their roles were primarily limited to the domestic sphere. However, some women did have jobs outside the home, such as midwives, priestesses, weavers, prostitutes, and nurses.

Despite the limitations on their roles in society, women played an essential role in Ancient Greek culture and were respected for their contributions in various areas of life.