When Did Jesus Send Out the 70 Disciples?

The Bible mentions that Jesus had many disciples who followed him and learned from his teachings. However, there were times when Jesus sent out a specific group of disciples to spread his message and heal the sick. One such instance is recorded in Luke 10:1-24, where Jesus sends out 70 disciples.

Who were the 70 Disciples

The 70 disciples were a group of believers who were chosen by Jesus to go ahead of him to every town and place he planned on visiting. They were tasked with preparing the way for him by preaching about the kingdom of God and performing miracles such as healing the sick.

When did Jesus send out the 70 Disciples

The Bible does not give an exact date or time when Jesus sent out the 70 disciples. However, it is believed that this event took place sometime after the feeding of the five thousand which is recorded in Luke chapter 9.

The Purpose behind Sending Out The Disciples

Jesus sent out these disciples to spread his message and prepare people for his arrival. He knew that he would not be able to physically visit every place himself, so he needed faithful followers to help him reach more people.

The Instructions Given To The Disciples

Before sending them out, Jesus gave specific instructions to these disciples. He told them not to take any money or supplies with them but instead rely on those they met along the way for food and shelter. He also instructed them to greet people with peace and stay in one place until they had completed their task.

What Happened After They Were Sent Out

The Bible records that these disciples went out as instructed by Jesus. They preached the gospel, healed the sick, and cast out demons in Jesus’ name. When they returned to Jesus, they were filled with joy and reported all the things that had happened during their journey.

The Significance of Sending Out The 70 Disciples

Jesus sending out the 70 disciples holds great significance as it shows his desire to reach as many people as possible with his message. By sending out these believers, he was able to extend his ministry beyond where he could physically go himself. It also shows how much Jesus valued teamwork and cooperation among believers.

In conclusion, Jesus sending out the 70 disciples was a significant event in biblical history. It highlights the importance of spreading God’s message and using teamwork to accomplish His work. Although we may not have been present during this time, we too can continue this mission by sharing God’s love with those around us.