When Did the Ancient Times Start?

One of the most intriguing questions in history is when did ancient times begin. The answer is not straightforward, as various civilizations around the world had different timelines for their ancient periods.

What are Ancient Times

Ancient times refer to the period in human history before the Middle Ages and after prehistory. This period saw significant advancements in human civilization, from the development of agriculture and writing to the rise of empires and kingdoms.

Timeline of Ancient Times

The timeline of ancient times differs depending on which civilization we consider. Here is a brief overview:

  • Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egypt began around 3100 BCE with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under King Menes. This period lasted until Alexander the Great’s conquest in 332 BCE.
  • Ancient Greece: The ancient Greek period began around 800 BCE and lasted until Alexander the Great’s conquest in 323 BCE.
  • Rome: The Roman Republic was established in 509 BCE, while the Roman Empire began with Augustus’ reign in 27 BCE. It lasted until its collapse in 476 CE.
  • China: In China, ancient times are often divided into three periods: Xia (c.2100-1600 BCE), Shang (c.1600-1046 BCE), and Zhou (1046-256 BCE).

The Impact of Ancient Times

The impact of ancient times on modern society cannot be overstated. Many aspects of our lives today have their roots in ancient civilizations’ achievements. For example, innovations like writing, mathematics, and astronomy originated in ancient times.

Moreover, the philosophies and values espoused by ancient civilizations continue to shape our worldviews today. The Greeks’ emphasis on reason and logic laid the foundation for modern science and philosophy. Meanwhile, the Romans’ legal system formed the basis for many modern legal systems worldwide.


Ancient times were a crucial period in human history that saw significant advancements in various fields. The timeline of these periods varies depending on which civilization we consider. However, their impact on modern society is undeniable, as many aspects of our lives today have their roots in ancient achievements.