When Was the Ancient Greece Alarm Clock Invented?

Have you ever wondered how people woke up in ancient Greece? Did they have alarm clocks like we do today?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. While they did have some form of timekeeping devices, the ancient Greeks did not have alarm clocks in the way we understand them today.

What Were the Ancient Greek Timekeeping Devices?

The ancient Greeks used several timekeeping devices to keep track of time. One of the earliest forms of timekeeping was the sundial, which used the position of the sun to determine the time of day.

The sundial was a simple device that consisted of a flat surface with a raised rod or pointer that cast a shadow on the surface. The position of this shadow indicated the time of day.

Another early form of timekeeping was the water clock, also known as a clepsydra. A water clock consisted of a container filled with water that dripped at a constant rate through a small hole at the bottom. The container had markings on it to indicate different hours and minutes.

How Did People Wake Up in Ancient Greece?

Without alarm clocks, how did people wake up in ancient Greece? Well, there were several methods used by different individuals. Some people relied on others to wake them up, while others used natural sounds such as roosters or birds singing outside their windows.

However, there were also specialized individuals known as “knocker-uppers” who were employed specifically to wake people up in the morning. These knocker-uppers would use long poles with soft brushes or padded sticks to tap on their clients’ windows until they woke up.


In conclusion, while there were no alarm clocks as we know them today in ancient Greece, people still managed to wake up and keep track of time using other means such as sundials and water clocks. And for those who needed a little extra help waking up in the morning, there were always the knocker-uppers.

So, next time you hit snooze on your alarm clock, remember that waking up early has been a challenge for centuries, and we have come a long way from relying on others to physically wake us up.