Where Can We Find the Life of Jesus?

The life of Jesus is one of the most talked-about and studied subjects in history. He is known for his teachings, miracles, and ultimately, his crucifixion and resurrection.

But where can we find the accounts of his life? Let’s explore some of the most significant texts and sources that tell us about Jesus.

The Bible

The Bible is undoubtedly the most well-known source for information on Jesus. It contains four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), which are the primary accounts of his life. Each Gospel offers a unique perspective on Jesus’ teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection.

Matthew wrote for a Jewish audience and emphasizes how Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecies.

Mark is the shortest Gospel and focuses more on Jesus’ actions than his teachings.

Luke was written by a physician who interviewed eyewitnesses to provide a detailed account of Jesus’ life.

John emphasizes Jesus’ divinity and focuses on his spiritual teachings rather than his earthly actions.

The Apocrypha

The Apocrypha is a collection of early Christian writings that were not included in the official canon of the Bible. While they are not considered authoritative sources like the Gospels are, they still offer insight into early Christian beliefs about Jesus.

One example is the Gospel of Thomas, which contains sayings attributed to Jesus but no narrative or historical context. Another is the Gospel of Judas, which presents Judas Iscariot as a hero who was chosen by Jesus to betray him.

Historical Accounts

In addition to religious texts, there are also non-religious historical accounts that mention Jesus. Tacitus, a Roman historian writing in the early second century, wrote about Christians and their belief in Christ who was executed under Pontius Pilate. Josephus, a Jewish historian, also mentions Jesus in his writings.


In conclusion, there are several sources where we can find the life of Jesus. The Bible is the primary source for Christians and contains four Gospels that detail his teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection.

The Apocrypha offers additional insight into early Christian beliefs about Jesus. Lastly, non-religious historical accounts also mention Jesus and provide evidence of his existence.

No matter what your beliefs are, knowing about Jesus’ life is essential to understanding Christianity’s impact on the world’s history and culture.