Where Did Jesus Choose His First Disciples?

Jesus Christ is one of the most important figures in Christianity, and his disciples played a crucial role in spreading his message. But where did Jesus choose his first disciples?

The Calling of the First Disciples

According to the Bible, Jesus chose his first disciples while he was walking by the Sea of Galilee. He saw two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew, who were fishermen. They were casting their nets into the sea when Jesus approached them and said:

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Simon Peter and Andrew immediately left their nets and followed Jesus. Further along the shore, they saw two other brothers, James and John, who were also fishermen. Jesus called out to them, and they too left their nets to follow him.

The Significance of This Event

The calling of these four men is significant for several reasons. First, it shows that Jesus chose ordinary people as his disciples. They were not priests or scholars but hardworking fishermen.

Secondly, it demonstrates that Jesus had a mission to reach out to all people regardless of their social status or occupation. He did not limit himself to preaching only to religious leaders or scholars but instead sought out those who were marginalized in society.

Finally, this event foreshadows the later mission of these four men. As fishermen who caught fish for a living, they would later become “fishers of men” by spreading the message of Christ throughout the world.

The Importance of Following Christ

The calling of these first disciples also has a deeper meaning for us today. Just as Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John left everything behind to follow Christ, we too must be willing to let go of our worldly possessions and desires in order to follow him.

Following Christ is not always easy, but it is essential for our salvation. We must be willing to put aside our own wants and needs and focus on serving others in the name of Christ.


In conclusion, Jesus chose his first disciples while walking by the Sea of Galilee. These four men, Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John, were ordinary fishermen who were called to a higher purpose. Their willingness to follow Christ is an example for us all as we strive to live a life of service to others in his name.