Where Did Jesus Chose His 12 Disciples?

When Jesus began his ministry, he handpicked twelve men to be his closest followers and disciples. These twelve individuals would accompany him on his journey, learn from him, and spread his teachings to the world. But where did Jesus choose these twelve disciples?


Before we dive into where Jesus chose his disciples, it’s important to understand the context of the time. During Jesus’ era, it was common for rabbis or teachers to have a group of students or followers who would learn from them. These students were known as disciples.

The Twelve Disciples

Now let’s take a closer look at the twelve disciples that Jesus chose:

  • Peter – A fisherman by trade and considered the leader of the disciples.
  • Andrew – Peter’s brother and also a fisherman.
  • James – Son of Zebedee and brother of John.
  • John – Brother of James and also known as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”
  • Philip – A native of Bethsaida.
  • Bartholomew – Also known as Nathanael in the Gospel of John.
  • Matthew – A tax collector before becoming a disciple.
  • Thomas – Also known as “doubting Thomas” because he initially did not believe in Jesus’ resurrection.
  • James son of Alphaeus – Also known as James the Less to differentiate him from James son of Zebedee.
  • Jude Thaddaeus – Also known as Judas son of James or simply Thaddaeus.
  • Simeon the Zealot – Little is known about Simeon, but he was likely a member of a Jewish sect called the Zealots who were known for their fervent opposition to Roman rule.
  • Judas Iscariot – Perhaps the most infamous of the twelve, Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

Where Were They Chosen?

Jesus chose his disciples in various locations throughout Galilee. Some were chosen while they were working, such as Peter and Andrew who were fishing when Jesus called out to them. Others, like Matthew the tax collector, were approached by Jesus while they were working at their tax booths.

One notable location where Jesus chose some of his disciples was on a mountain. In the Gospel of Luke, it is said that Jesus spent an entire night in prayer before choosing his twelve disciples on a mountain top.

Why These Twelve?

There are many theories as to why Jesus specifically chose these twelve individuals to be his closest followers. Some scholars believe that it was because there were twelve tribes of Israel and Jesus wanted to symbolically represent each tribe with a disciple.

Others believe that Jesus chose these twelve because they possessed certain qualities or skills that would be useful in spreading his message. For example, Peter’s leadership skills and Matthew’s familiarity with tax collecting would have been valuable assets.


In conclusion, Jesus chose his twelve disciples from various locations throughout Galilee and for different reasons. These men would go on to play a crucial role in spreading his teachings and establishing Christianity as a major world religion.