Where Did Jesus Took His Disciples?

Jesus, the Son of God, had a special group of followers that he called his disciples. These men were chosen by Jesus to learn from him and spread his teachings to the world.

While we know a lot about the life and teachings of Jesus, there are still some mysteries surrounding where he took his disciples. In this article, we will explore some of the places where Jesus took his disciples.

The Sea of Galilee

One of the most significant places where Jesus took his disciples was the Sea of Galilee. This body of water is located in northern Israel and was an essential part of Jesus’ ministry. It was here that he performed many miracles, such as calming the stormy waters and feeding thousands with just a few loaves and fish.

Jesus often used the Sea of Galilee as a backdrop for his teachings. He would sit in a boat and speak to large crowds gathered on the shore. His disciples were always close by, listening intently to his every word.

The Mount of Olives

Another important place where Jesus took his disciples was the Mount of Olives. This mountain is located just outside Jerusalem and played a significant role in many events in Jesus’ life.

One notable event that occurred on the Mount of Olives was when Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount. This sermon contains some of Jesus’ most well-known teachings, such as the Beatitudes.

The Mount of Olives was also where Jesus went to pray before he was arrested and crucified. His disciples accompanied him there but fell asleep while he prayed.

The Temple

The Temple in Jerusalem was another important place where Jesus took his disciples. This massive structure was considered to be one of the holiest sites in Judaism and played a central role in Jewish worship.

Jesus visited the Temple many times during his ministry, often engaging in heated debates with religious leaders. His disciples were always by his side, observing and learning from these interactions.

One of the most significant events that occurred at the Temple was when Jesus drove out the money changers and merchants who had set up shop there. This event demonstrated Jesus’ passion for righteousness and his willingness to take a stand against corruption.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room was a location in Jerusalem where Jesus held the Last Supper with his disciples. This meal is significant because it was during this time that Jesus established the ritual of communion, which is still practiced by Christians today.

The Upper Room was also where Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection. He showed them his wounds and proved that he had indeed risen from the dead.


Jesus took his disciples to many different places during his ministry. These locations played an important role in shaping the teachings of Jesus and continue to hold significance for Christians today. By studying these places, we can gain a better understanding of who Jesus was and what he stood for.