Where Did Mary Find Jesus After the Resurrection?

After the Resurrection, many people were curious about Jesus’ whereabouts. One person who was particularly concerned was Mary Magdalene.

Mary was one of Jesus’ most devoted followers, and she had been present at his crucifixion and burial. But when she arrived at the tomb on the third day, she found it empty. So where did Mary find Jesus after the Resurrection?

Visiting the Tomb

On the morning of the third day after Jesus’ death, Mary went to visit his tomb. She was accompanied by several other women who had been disciples of Jesus. When they arrived, they found that the stone covering the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away.

The Empty Tomb

Mary went inside the tomb and saw that it was empty. She was confused and upset, wondering where Jesus’ body had gone. Suddenly, two angels appeared to her and told her that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Meeting with Jesus

After seeing the angels, Mary left the tomb to tell Peter and John what she had seen. As she was leaving, she saw a man standing nearby who she thought was a gardener. But when he spoke to her, she recognized him as Jesus.

“Do not hold on to me”

Mary was overjoyed to see that Jesus was alive again. But he told her not to touch him because he had not yet ascended to heaven.

“Go instead to my brothers”

Jesus instructed Mary to go tell his disciples that he had risen from the dead and would soon ascend to heaven.

  • Mary found Jesus after his resurrection at a garden near his tomb
  • She initially mistook him for a gardener
  • He instructed her not to touch him as he hadn’t ascended to heaven yet
  • Mary was instructed to go and tell the disciples about Jesus’ resurrection


Mary’s encounter with Jesus after his resurrection is a pivotal moment in the Christian faith. Her devotion to Jesus and her willingness to spread the news of his resurrection helped to establish the foundation of Christianity. Through her story, we see that even in moments of confusion and despair, faith can bring us hope and joy.