Where Did the Disciples Go After Jesus Went to Heaven?

After Jesus ascended to heaven, his disciples were left wondering what their next steps should be. They had spent the last few years following and learning from Jesus, but now he was gone.

So where did the disciples go after Jesus went to heaven? Let’s explore.

Stayed in Jerusalem

Some of the disciples, including Peter, James, John, and Andrew, stayed in Jerusalem for a time after Jesus ascended. They continued to preach and teach about Jesus to the Jewish people in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. In fact, they were often seen in public places like the temple, sharing their message with anyone who would listen.

Spread the Gospel

Eventually, though, the disciples began to spread out and share the gospel further afield. According to tradition and historical accounts, each of the twelve apostles (excluding Judas Iscariot) went on to preach in different regions of the world.


Peter went on to become one of the most prominent leaders of the early Christian church. He traveled throughout Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) and eventually ended up in Rome where he was martyred.


James traveled to Spain where he is said to have founded churches in several cities.


John is believed to have spent time in Asia Minor as well. He also wrote several books of the New Testament including Revelation and three letters that are part of the canon.


Andrew traveled north into what is now modern-day Ukraine and Russia. Tradition holds that he preached as far east as modern-day Kazakhstan before being martyred.


Unfortunately, many of the disciples met violent ends for their beliefs. James was beheaded by Herod Agrippa I in Jerusalem while Thomas is believed to have been martyred in India.

Bartholomew was flayed alive in Armenia and Simon the Zealot was crucified. Even the beloved disciple John is said to have been exiled to the island of Patmos where he wrote Revelation.


In conclusion, after Jesus went to heaven, his disciples continued his work by spreading the gospel throughout the world. Though many of them met violent ends, their message lived on and has continued to spread for over two thousand years. Today, we remember their faith and dedication as we continue to share the message of Jesus with others.