Where in Matthew Is the Resurrection of Jesus?

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the most significant events in Christian history. It is the foundation upon which the faith is built, and it marks the triumph of Jesus over death and sin. The resurrection is a central theme in all four Gospels, but where exactly in Matthew can we find this remarkable event?

Matthew’s account of the resurrection begins in chapter 28. Here, we see that Mary Magdalene and another Mary went to visit Jesus’ tomb on the first day of the week after his crucifixion. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake as an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and rolled back the stone from the tomb’s entrance.

The angel then sat on top of the stone and spoke to the women, telling them not to be afraid and that Jesus had risen from the dead. He instructed them to go quickly and tell Jesus’ disciples that he had risen from the dead and would meet them in Galilee.

The women left quickly with fear and joy, but on their way, Jesus met them. He greeted them, telling them not to be afraid, and they worshipped him.

In chapter 28:11-15, Matthew recounts how some of the guards who were stationed at Jesus’ tomb went into town to report what had happened. They told the chief priests everything they had seen, including how an angel had come down from heaven and rolled back the stone.

In response, the chief priests gave a large sum of money to these guards and instructed them to say that while they were sleeping, Jesus’ disciples came and stole his body away. This is why Jews still believe this story today.

In conclusion, Matthew’s account of Jesus’ resurrection can be found in chapter 28 of his Gospel. It is a powerful reminder that even death cannot hold back our Lord’s power or love for us. As Christians, we celebrate this event every year during Easter as a testament to our faith in Jesus Christ.