Where in NYC Is the Museum of Natural History?

If you’re a fan of science and natural history, then the American Museum of Natural History in New York City is a must-visit destination. But where exactly is this world-renowned museum located? Let’s take a closer look.


The Museum of Natural History is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, at the intersection of Central Park West and 79th Street. Its street address is 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024.

Getting There

There are several ways to reach the museum. If you’re taking public transportation, you can take the Subway to either the 81st Street-Museum of Natural History station (on the B and C lines) or the 79th Street station (on the 1 line). You can also take buses M7, M10, M11, M79-SBS or M86-SBS to get there.

If you’re driving, there are several parking garages in the area that offer discounted rates for museum visitors. However, keep in mind that parking in this area can be challenging and expensive.

About the Museum

The Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and has since become one of the largest museums in the world. It houses an extensive collection of over 33 million specimens and artifacts covering everything from human cultures to plant and animal life.

Some of its most famous exhibits include:

  • The Rose Center for Earth and Space
  • The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life
  • The Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs
  • The Butterfly Conservatory
  • The Hall of Human Origins

In addition to its exhibits, the museum also offers educational programs for all ages, including lectures, workshops, and guided tours.


Now that you know where the Museum of Natural History is located and how to get there, you can start planning your visit. With its impressive collection and engaging exhibits, it’s no wonder why this museum is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re interested in biology, anthropology, or astronomy, there’s something for everyone at the Museum of Natural History.