Where Is Ancient Greece Located Now?

Ancient Greece is a civilization that has left an indelible mark on the world, with its rich history, culture, and philosophy. But where is Ancient Greece located now? The answer to this question may not be as straightforward as it seems.

What was Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a civilization that existed from around 800 BC to 146 BC. It was a collection of city-states, each with its own government, culture, and way of life.

The most well-known city-states were Athens and Sparta. Ancient Greece was known for its contributions to philosophy, art, architecture, literature, and politics.

Where is Ancient Greece located?

Ancient Greece used to be located in the southeastern part of Europe, in what is now known as the Balkan Peninsula. Today, this area is home to modern-day countries such as Greece and parts of Turkey.


Greece is a country in southeastern Europe that has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is often referred to as the birthplace of western civilization due to its contributions to philosophy, art, and democracy.

Some of the most famous ancient Greek landmarks are still located in modern-day Greece. These include:

  • The Parthenon – A temple dedicated to the goddess Athena in Athens
  • The Acropolis – A hilltop fortress in Athens that includes several ancient structures
  • The Oracle of Delphi – A religious site where people would go to seek advice from the gods


Turkey is another country where some parts of Ancient Greece were located. In particular, the western coast of Turkey was home to several important ancient Greek cities such as:

  • Ephesus – An ancient city with well-preserved ruins including a theater and library
  • Troy – A legendary city that was the site of the Trojan War as described in Homer’s Iliad
  • Pergamon – An ancient city known for its library and medical center


While Ancient Greece may no longer exist as a civilization, its legacy and influence continue to be felt throughout the world. The modern-day countries of Greece and Turkey still contain many reminders of this incredible civilization, from ancient ruins and landmarks to the language and culture that have been passed down through generations.

Whether you are a history buff or simply fascinated by the enduring impact of Ancient Greece, there is no shortage of places to explore and discover in these beautiful countries.