Where Is Knossos in Ancient Greece?

Are you interested in ancient Greece and its rich history? If so, you may have heard of Knossos, one of the most important archaeological sites on the island of Crete. In this article, we’ll explore where Knossos is located and why it’s such an essential site for historians and archaeologists.

The Location of Knossos

Knossos is an ancient city located on the island of Crete in Greece. It’s believed to have been inhabited since the Neolithic period, around 7000 BC. The city flourished during the Bronze Age (around 3000-1100 BC) as a center of Minoan civilization.

The Importance of Knossos in Ancient Greece

Knossos was a crucial center for trade and culture during ancient times. The Minoan civilization that thrived in Knossos was known for their impressive architectural feats, including elaborate palaces and intricate frescoes.

The city’s influence extended beyond just Crete – it is believed to have had significant trading relationships with other civilizations such as Egypt, Syria, and Cyprus.

The Archaeological Excavations at Knossos

Excavations at Knossos began in 1900 by British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. His work uncovered many artifacts that shed light on Minoan culture and society.

One of the most significant discoveries that Evans made was an enormous palace complex that covered over six acres. The palace featured multiple levels, courtyards, and hundreds of rooms decorated with vibrant frescoes depicting various aspects of Minoan life.

What Can Visitors See at Knossos Today?

Today, visitors can tour the extensive archaeological site to see some of the most impressive remains from Minoan civilization. The palace complex is undoubtedly one of the highlights – visitors can see parts of it restored to their original grandeur, such as the throne room and the grand staircase.

Other notable features include the Temple Repositories, which housed religious artifacts, and the Royal Road, which connected the palace to other parts of the city.


Knossos is undoubtedly a critical site for anyone interested in ancient Greece and Minoan civilization. Its location on the island of Crete makes it accessible to visitors from all over Europe. With its impressive palace complex and historical significance, Knossos is a must-visit for anyone interested in history and archaeology.