Where to Use Basement Key in American History Museum?

If you are a fan of American history and have visited the American History Museum, you might have come across a locked door that requires the Basement Key to open. This door leads to a secret area filled with fascinating exhibits and artifacts that offer a deeper understanding of America’s past.

What is the Basement Key?

The Basement Key is an item that unlocks the door to the basement level of the American History Museum. This key can be found in several locations throughout the museum, and players must collect it to gain access to the basement area.

Where to Find the Basement Key?

There are several locations where players can find the Basement Key:

  • The Information Desk: The first location where players can obtain the key is at the Information Desk. Head over to the desk, and ask for assistance in locating it.
  • The Security Office: Another location where players can find this key is in The Security Office.

    Take a right turn from Information Desk and follow your path until you see an office on your left.

  • The Lost and Found: If you still cannot locate this key, then head over to Lost and Found section at left side of Information Desk. There’s a high chance you will find it there.

Where to Use Basement Key?

Once you’ve obtained the Basement Key, it’s time to head over to its designated location – The locked door in American History Museum that leads down towards basement level.

Exhibits Displayed in Basement Area

What makes this hidden area so special? Here are some fascinating exhibits displayed inside:

  • The First Ladies’ Inaugural Gowns: This exhibit displays inaugural gowns worn by America’s First Ladies throughout history. You can marvel at the intricate designs and learn about the history behind each gown.
  • The Star-Spangled Banner: One of the most iconic exhibits in the museum, The Star-Spangled Banner is a huge American flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem.
  • The American Presidency: This exhibit focuses on America’s Presidents and their role in shaping history. You can learn about their policies, accomplishments, and personal lives.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of American history and want to explore more exhibits and artifacts beyond what’s already on display throughout the museum, then don’t miss out on exploring the basement level with your newly acquired Basement Key. Remember to keep an eye out for this key during your visit to American History Museum so you don’t miss out on this hidden gem of an exhibit!