Where Was the Journal of African American History Published?

The Journal of African American History is a renowned academic journal that focuses on the rich history and culture of African Americans. The journal has been an essential resource for scholars, historians, and students interested in African American studies. But where exactly was this influential journal published?

The Journal of African American History was first published in 1916 under the name “The Journal of Negro History.” Its founding editor was Carter G. Woodson, a prominent historian and scholar who dedicated his life to promoting the study of African American history. The journal was published by the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH), which Woodson also founded.

In its early years, the journal was published quarterly and focused on historical research related to people of African descent in the United States, Africa, and other parts of the world. The articles covered a wide range of topics such as slavery, emancipation, civil rights movements, literature, art, music, religion, and more.

Over time, the journal’s scope expanded to include interdisciplinary research that explored various aspects of African American life and culture. As a result, it became one of the most respected academic publications in its field.

In 1976, the journal changed its name from “The Journal of Negro History” to “The Journal of African American History” to reflect changing attitudes towards racial identity in America. Today it remains an important source for cutting-edge research on African American history.

So where exactly was this influential publication printed? The answer is that it has been published by several different publishers over its long history. Currently, it is published by Taylor & Francis Group on behalf of ASNLH.

In conclusion, The Journal of African American History has been a vital resource for scholars interested in studying the history and culture of people with African descent for over a century. Its impact can be seen in countless books and articles written on this subject today. Although it has changed names over time and has been published by different publishers, its commitment to promoting scholarship in this field remains unwavering.