Where Would Travellers Stay in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, travelers had various options for accommodation depending on their budget and preferences. Let’s explore the different types of lodging that were available during that time:

Hospitals and Inns

For those seeking a comfortable stay, hospitals and inns were the go-to option. These establishments provided not only a place to rest but also medical care for travelers who fell ill during their journey. The hospitals were run by priests of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, and offered a peaceful environment conducive to recovery.

Tip: If you were looking for a more luxurious experience, some inns offered additional amenities such as hot baths and massage services.


If you preferred a more budget-friendly option, you could opt to stay at an agoraeus. These public buildings provided basic accommodations for travelers at lower costs. Although not as comfortable as hospitals or inns, agoraeus offered a convenient place to spend the night without breaking the bank.

Pro Tip:

Remember: If you choose an agoraeus, bring your own bedding and supplies as these establishments did not provide them.

Rural Farmhouses

In rural areas of ancient Greece, travelers could find shelter in farmhouses owned by local farmers. These farmhouses not only offered a place to sleep but also allowed visitors to experience life in the countryside. Staying in a rural farmhouse was an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy homemade Greek delicacies.

  • Benefits:
    • Affordable
    • Rustic charm
    • Authentic local experience

Private Residences

If you had connections or acquaintances in ancient Greece, staying with them in their private residences was a common practice. This option provided a more personalized and intimate experience compared to other lodging options. It allowed travelers to bond with their hosts and gain insights into the daily life of ancient Greeks.

Note: It is essential to obtain permission from the host before staying in their private residence.

Temples and Shrines

In certain circumstances, travelers could seek refuge in temples or shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses. These sacred places offered shelter to those in need, including travelers. However, this option was typically reserved for emergencies or dire situations.

Tips for Temple Stay:

  • Avoid disrupting religious activities
  • Show respect for the sacred space
  • Leave a small offering as gratitude

In conclusion, ancient Greece provided a range of accommodation options for travelers. From hospitals and inns for a more comfortable stay to agoraeus and rural farmhouses for budget-conscious individuals, there was something to suit every traveler’s needs.

Additionally, staying with local acquaintances or seeking refuge in temples were alternative choices available during that time. So whether you were looking for luxury or an authentic experience, ancient Greece had you covered!