Which American Said History Is Bunk?

Have you ever heard the phrase “history is bunk”? It’s a common saying that many people attribute to Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company.

But did he actually say it? Let’s delve into the history of this quote and find out.

Who was Henry Ford?

Henry Ford was an American industrialist and entrepreneur who revolutionized the automobile industry. He founded Ford Motor Company in 1903 and introduced the first mass-produced automobile, the Model T, in 1908. His innovations in manufacturing techniques, such as the assembly line, made cars more affordable for the average person.

The origins of “history is bunk”

The phrase “history is bunk” is often attributed to Henry Ford because he used it in an interview with a Chicago Tribune reporter named Charles M. Schwab in 1916. However, there is some dispute over whether he actually said those exact words.

According to Schwab’s article, which was published on May 25, 1916, Ford said: “History is more or less bunk. It’s tradition.

We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history we make today.” However, some historians argue that Schwab may have paraphrased or embellished Ford’s words for dramatic effect.

The meaning behind “history is bunk”

Regardless of whether or not he said those exact words, it’s clear that Henry Ford had a skeptical view of history. He believed that people should focus on the present and future rather than dwelling on the past.

Ford’s philosophy was rooted in his belief that progress and innovation were essential for society to thrive. He saw history as a hindrance to progress because it encouraged people to cling to outdated ideas and traditions.

Controversy surrounding “history is bunk”

Despite the fact that “history is bunk” is often attributed to Henry Ford, some people argue that the quote has been taken out of context. They point out that Ford was not anti-intellectual or anti-education, and that he was actually a proponent of lifelong learning.

In fact, Ford established the Ford Motor Company School of Engineering in 1904 to train his employees in the latest manufacturing techniques. He also funded a museum and library dedicated to preserving knowledge and history.

The legacy of “history is bunk”

Regardless of whether or not Henry Ford actually said “history is bunk,” the phrase has become synonymous with his name and legacy. It’s often used to describe people who reject tradition and embrace innovation, for better or for worse.

In many ways, Ford’s philosophy embodies the American spirit of progress and forward-thinking. However, it’s important to remember that history plays an important role in shaping our identity and understanding of the world around us.


While there is some debate over whether Henry Ford actually said “history is bunk,” there’s no denying that he had a unique perspective on the role of history in society. Whether you agree with him or not, his ideas continue to influence how we think about progress and innovation today.