Which Ancient Civilization Is Credited With Being the First to Cultivate Hair and Beauty?

Hair and beauty have been an integral part of human culture since ancient times. It is fascinating to explore how different civilizations approached the concept of beauty and grooming. In this article, we will delve into which ancient civilization is credited with being the first to cultivate hair and beauty.

The Ancient Egyptians: Pioneers of Beauty

The ancient Egyptians are widely regarded as the pioneers of beauty. They were obsessed with personal grooming and hygiene, which is evident from the elaborate hairstyles, makeup, and skincare rituals depicted in their art and literature.

Hairstyles: Hair was seen as a symbol of power and status in ancient Egypt. Both men and women would spend hours styling their hair into intricate braids, curls, and updos. Wigs were also popular among the wealthy classes, made from human hair or plant fibers.

Makeup: Makeup was an essential part of daily life for both men and women in ancient Egypt. They used kohl to outline their eyes, green malachite for eyeshadow, red ochre for lipstick, and henna for nail polish. These cosmetics not only enhanced facial features but also had medicinal properties.

The Role of Beauty in Society

In ancient Egyptian society, physical appearance was highly valued. Beauty was seen as a reflection of one’s inner qualities such as intelligence and moral character. Therefore, people invested heavily in grooming themselves to appear attractive.

  • The Pharaohs: The rulers of Egypt were expected to maintain a perfect physical appearance at all times.
  • The Elite: Members of the upper class would adorn themselves with expensive jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics.
  • The Commoners: Even ordinary citizens would make an effort to look presentable by keeping their hair neat and clean.


In conclusion, the ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to prioritize and cultivate hair and beauty. Their legacy can still be seen today in modern beauty practices such as hair braiding, makeup, and skincare. The importance placed on physical appearance in ancient Egyptian society speaks to the universal human desire to look and feel our best.