Which Ancient Civilization Lived High in the Andes of Peru?

The Andes of Peru is home to one of the most fascinating ancient civilizations in the world. This civilization is known for its incredible architecture, advanced agricultural practices, and impressive engineering feats.

But which civilization are we talking about? Let’s take a closer look at the people who lived high up in the Andes of Peru.

The Inca Civilization

The civilization that lived in the Andes of Peru was none other than the Inca Civilization. The Incas were a powerful empire that ruled over much of South America from their capital city, Cusco. They were skilled engineers and builders who constructed incredible structures such as Machu Picchu, which still stands today as a testament to their ingenuity.


The Inca Civilization was founded in the early 13th century by a man named Manco Capac. He established the first Inca state in Cusco and began expanding his territory through military conquests. Over time, the Inca Empire grew to encompass much of present-day Peru, as well as parts of Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

Way of Life

The Incas were an agricultural society whose success was largely due to their advanced farming techniques. They built terraces into steep hillsides to create more arable land and developed an intricate system of canals and aqueducts for irrigation. They also domesticated animals such as llamas and alpacas for transportation and wool production.


The Incas had a complex religious system that revolved around the worship of nature deities such as Inti (the sun god) and Pachamama (the earth goddess). They believed that everything in nature was interconnected and that humans had a duty to maintain balance with their environment.


Despite their impressive achievements, the Inca Empire eventually fell to the Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century. The conquistadors brought with them diseases that the Incas had no immunity to, and their superior weapons and tactics allowed them to quickly defeat the native armies.


The Inca Civilization was a remarkable society that left a lasting impact on South America. Their innovative farming practices, impressive engineering feats, and complex religious system continue to fascinate people today. If you ever find yourself in Peru, be sure to visit some of their incredible ruins such as Machu Picchu or Sacsayhuaman to experience their legacy firsthand.