Which Is Harder AP World History or AP U.S. History?

When it comes to choosing between AP World History and AP U.S. History, many students wonder which is the harder of the two. Both courses cover a vast amount of material and require a significant amount of studying and preparation, but there are some key differences between them that make one more challenging than the other.


One major difference between AP World History and AP U. History is the scope of their content. AP World History covers the history of human civilization from prehistoric times to the present day, including events and developments across multiple continents and cultures.

On the other hand, AP U. History focuses specifically on the history of the United States, from its colonial period to modern times. While both courses require memorization of significant events, figures, and concepts, students taking AP World History must have a broader knowledge base to draw from.

Difficulty Level

In terms of difficulty level, both courses are challenging in their own ways. However, many students find that AP World History is more difficult due to its sheer breadth of content. With so much ground to cover, it can be challenging for students to retain all of the information they need for exams.

In addition, AP World History often requires students to think critically about how events in different regions and time periods are connected – a skill that can be difficult to master.

While AP U. History covers less material overall, it still requires a significant amount of memorization and critical thinking skills. Students must be able to connect events within U. history and understand how they have shaped American society over time.

  • Study Strategies

To succeed in either course, students must develop effective study strategies that work for them individually. For example:

  • Flashcards: Many students find that creating flashcards with key terms or concepts helps them retain information.
  • Outlines: Creating outlines of each chapter or unit can help students organize their thoughts and identify key themes and concepts.
  • Practice Exams: Taking practice exams can help students identify areas where they need to improve and get a sense of what the real exam will be like.
  • Conclusion

    In the end, whether AP World History or AP U. History is harder will depend on the individual student’s strengths, weaknesses, and study habits. Both courses are challenging and require a significant amount of time and effort to succeed in, but with the right preparation, any student can excel.