Which Is the First Civilization of the Ancient World?

When it comes to ancient civilizations, there is always a debate about which one was the first. Some argue that it was the Mesopotamian civilization, while others claim it was the Indus Valley civilization or the Egyptian civilization. However, after extensive research and analysis, archaeologists have concluded that the Sumerian civilization was the first known civilization to have ever existed in human history.

The Sumerian civilization emerged in Mesopotamia around 4000 BCE and lasted for more than 3000 years. The region where they settled is now known as southern Iraq. The Sumerians developed a complex society that included agriculture, writing, architecture, religion, and government.

One of the key reasons why the Sumerians are considered as the first civilization is their invention of writing. They developed a system of writing called cuneiform that involved making impressions on clay tablets with a stylus. This allowed them to keep records of their economic transactions, religious beliefs, and political affairs.

The Sumerians also built impressive structures such as ziggurats- massive stepped towers that were used for religious ceremonies and as administrative centers. They were skilled at irrigation techniques and built canals to control water flow from rivers for agriculture purposes.

In terms of religion, the Sumerians believed in multiple gods who were responsible for different aspects of life such as fertility, agriculture, war, and wisdom. They built temples dedicated to these gods and offered sacrifices to appease them.

The Sumerian society had a complex system of government that included city-states ruled by kings who were seen as representatives of the gods. These kings were responsible for maintaining law and order, leading military campaigns, and ensuring economic prosperity.

In conclusion, while there is much debate about which ancient civilization was truly “first,” archaeological evidence supports the claim that it was indeed the Sumerian civilization that emerged in Mesopotamia around 4000 BCE. Their contributions to writing, architecture, religion, and government laid the foundation for future civilizations to build upon.