Which Metal Was Known to People in Ancient Times?

Metal has been an integral part of human civilization since ancient times. It has been used for various purposes such as weapons, tools, and jewelry.

But have you ever wondered which metal was known to people in ancient times? Let’s explore the history of metals and their discovery.

The Discovery of Metals

The discovery of metals dates back to the prehistoric period, where humans used stones for hunting and gathering. The first metal discovered by humans was gold, which was found in its natural state in streams. Gold was considered a valuable metal and was used for decorative purposes.

Copper and Bronze Age

Copper was the next metal to be discovered by humans, which started the Copper Age around 8000 BCE. Copper was widely used for making tools, weapons, and jewelry. The discovery of copper led to the development of metallurgy, which is the science of extracting metals from ores.

The Bronze Age started around 3000 BCE when humans discovered that by adding tin to copper, they could create a harder and more durable metal – bronze. Bronze became popular for making weapons and armor due to its strength.

Iron Age

The Iron Age started around 1200 BCE when humans learned how to extract iron from its ores. Iron became popular due to its durability and strength, and it replaced bronze as the primary metal for making weapons and tools.


In conclusion, gold was the first metal discovered by humans in ancient times. Copper led to the development of metallurgy in the Copper Age, while bronze became popular during the Bronze Age due to its strength. Iron replaced bronze during the Iron Age due to its durability and strength.

Today we have a wide variety of metals that are used in different industries ranging from aerospace to construction. The discovery of these metals played a crucial role in shaping human civilization as we know it today.