Which Metal Was Used During Ancient Greek Civilization?

During the ancient Greek civilization, metal played a significant role in their culture and economy. The Greeks were skilled metalworkers and created beautiful, intricate pieces of art and weaponry.

But which metals did they use? Let’s take a closer look.


Gold was highly valued by the ancient Greeks and was considered the most precious metal. It was often used to create jewelry for both men and women. The Greeks believed that gold came from the gods, which made it even more valuable.


Silver was also highly valued by the ancient Greeks and was used for a variety of purposes. It was used to create coins, jewelry, and decorative items. The Greeks believed that silver had healing properties and used it to make medicine.


Bronze was one of the most commonly used metals during the ancient Greek civilization. It was used to create weapons, armor, statues, and other decorative items. Bronze is an alloy made up of copper and tin, which gave it its strength and durability.


Copper was another metal that played an important role in ancient Greece. It was used to create coins, jewelry, pots, pans, and other household items. Copper is known for its excellent conductivity of heat and electricity.


Iron became more widely available during the later part of ancient Greek civilization but wasn’t as commonly used as bronze or copper. However, it was still used to create weapons such as swords and spears.

  • Fun Fact: The Greeks believed that Hephaestus (the god of fire) created all metals with his hammer.
  • Fun Fact: The Olympic medals awarded today are made of silver with a thin layer of gold.


In conclusion, the ancient Greeks used a variety of metals for different purposes. Gold and silver were highly valued and often used for decorative purposes, while bronze was commonly used for weaponry and statues.

Copper and iron also played important roles in their society. The Greeks were skilled metalworkers and their craftsmanship is still admired today.