Which Plant Is a Symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus?

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the most significant events in Christianity. It is believed that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion, which took place on Good Friday.

The resurrection of Jesus symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and eternal life. In Christian tradition, various symbols are associated with the resurrection of Jesus, and plants are one of them.

Which Plant is a Symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus?

The plant that symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus is the Easter lily. The Easter lily has long been associated with Easter and is known as the “Lilium longiflorum.” This beautiful white flower blooms in the springtime when Easter is celebrated, making it a perfect symbol for this important Christian holiday.

The History behind Easter Lily

The history of the Easter lily dates back to ancient times when it was considered a symbol of purity and innocence. According to legend, when Eve was expelled from the Garden of Eden, she shed tears that turned into lilies.

In Christianity, it is believed that when Mary Magdalene visited Jesus’ tomb after his crucifixion, she saw an angel who told her that Jesus had risen from the dead. When she turned around to leave, she saw a patch of white lilies growing where Jesus’ body had lain.

The Significance

The Easter lily has become an important symbol for Christians because it represents new life and rebirth. Just as the lily emerges from its bulb in early spring as a beautiful flower, Christians believe that through faith in Christ’s resurrection they can also experience new life.

Uses in Church

During Easter Sunday service or throughout Holy Week services at churches around the world, you will often see arrangements featuring these beautiful flowers prominently displayed on altars and around sanctuaries. The fragrant aroma and pure white color of the Easter lily are a perfect reminder of the purity and hope that comes with the resurrection of Jesus.

Care and Maintenance

If you decide to purchase an Easter lily for your home or church, it is essential to care for it properly. The lily should be kept in a bright, sunny location, away from drafts and excessive heat.

It should be watered regularly but not overwatered. After the blooms have faded, the bulb can be planted in your garden in a sunny location where it can continue to grow and bloom year after year.


In conclusion, the Easter lily is a beautiful symbol of the resurrection of Jesus that represents new life and rebirth. Its presence in churches during Holy Week services reminds Christians of the hope that comes with faith in Christ’s resurrection. Whether you choose to display an Easter lily in your home or church during this special time of year or plant them in your garden, this beautiful flower will continue to remind you of the significance of this important Christian holiday for many years to come.