Who All Did Jesus Appear to After the Resurrection?

After Jesus’ death on the cross, there were many questions surrounding His resurrection. People wanted to know if He had truly risen from the dead and what happened after that.

According to the Bible, Jesus appeared to several people after His resurrection. Let’s take a look at who they were.

1. Mary Magdalene

One of the first people Jesus appeared to after His resurrection was Mary Magdalene. She had gone to the tomb early in the morning and found it empty.

As she wept outside, she saw a man whom she thought was the gardener, but it turned out to be Jesus. He spoke her name and she recognized Him.

2. The Disciples

Jesus also appeared to His disciples several times after His resurrection. The first time was in a locked room where they were hiding in fear of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus appeared before them and showed them His wounds, proving that He had indeed risen from the dead.

The 12 Disciples

He also appeared specifically to all 12 disciples together, including Thomas who had doubted that Jesus had really risen from the dead until he saw Him for himself.


Jesus also appeared specifically to Peter, who had denied Him three times before His crucifixion.

The Road to Emmaus

Jesus also appeared on the road to Emmaus where two disciples were walking and talking about what had happened in Jerusalem. They didn’t recognize Him at first, but as they walked and talked with Him, they realized who He was.

The 500 Witnesses

The apostle Paul wrote that Jesus also appeared to more than 500 people at once after His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:6). This is not recorded in the Gospels, but it is a significant event that shows the widespread impact of Jesus’ resurrection.


Jesus also appeared specifically to James, who was likely His brother. James was not a believer before this encounter, but after seeing Jesus risen from the dead, he became a leader in the early church.


These are just a few of the many people who saw Jesus after His resurrection. The fact that He appeared to so many different people and groups is evidence of His resurrection and its importance. It gives us hope that we too can overcome death and have eternal life through faith in Him.

  • Mary Magdalene
  • The Disciples:
    • The 12 Disciples
    • Peter
    • The Road to Emmaus
  • The 500 Witnesses
  • James