Who Are the Disciples of Jesus in the Chosen?

When it comes to the biblical story of Jesus and his disciples, many people are familiar with the names Peter, James, John, and Judas. However, the hit TV series ‘The Chosen’ has brought a fresh perspective on these well-known characters and introduced us to some lesser-known disciples as well. In this article, we will take a closer look at who the disciples of Jesus are in ‘The Chosen’.

The Main Disciples

Simon Peter

Simon Peter is one of the most prominent disciples in both the Bible and ‘The Chosen’. He is often portrayed as impulsive and hot-headed but also fiercely loyal to Jesus. In ‘The Chosen’, we see him struggle with his own guilt and unworthiness while trying to understand Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.


Andrew is Simon Peter’s brother and another one of Jesus’ closest disciples. He is often depicted as more reserved than his brother but equally dedicated to following Jesus. In ‘The Chosen’, Andrew serves as a mediator between his impulsive brother and their fellow disciples.


James is one of two brothers known as the “Sons of Thunder”. He is often shown alongside his brother John and shares their fiery temperament. In ‘The Chosen’, we see James struggle with anger issues but also display fierce loyalty to Jesus.


John is the other “Son of Thunder” and often portrayed as a more introspective disciple than his brother James. He is known for his close relationship with Jesus, even being referred to as “the beloved disciple”. In ‘The Chosen’, we see John’s devotion to Jesus lead him to question traditional Jewish beliefs.


Matthew was a tax collector before becoming one of Jesus’ disciples. In both the Bible and ‘The Chosen’, he is often depicted as an outcast because of his profession. In ‘The Chosen’, we see Matthew struggle with guilt over his past actions and find redemption through Jesus’ message of forgiveness.

Judas Iscariot

Judas is perhaps the most well-known of the disciples, not for his loyalty to Jesus but for his betrayal. In ‘The Chosen’, we see him struggle with doubts about Jesus’ message and ultimately make the fateful decision to betray him.

The Lesser-Known Disciples


Philip is one of the lesser-known disciples in both the Bible and ‘The Chosen’. He is often depicted as more analytical than emotional, trying to understand Jesus’ teachings on a deeper level. In ‘The Chosen’, we see Philip’s skepticism lead him to question whether Jesus truly is the Messiah.


Nathanael is another lesser-known disciple who appears in both the Bible and ‘The Chosen’. He is often portrayed as a skeptic who initially doubts Jesus’ credentials but later becomes a devoted follower. In ‘The Chosen’, we see Nathanael struggle with his own prejudices towards people from different backgrounds.


Thomas, also known as “Doubting Thomas”, famously doubted Jesus’ resurrection until he saw it with his own eyes. In ‘The Chosen’, we see Thomas struggle with feelings of inadequacy and doubt but ultimately find faith in Jesus.

  • Overall, the disciples in ‘The Chosen’ are depicted as flawed individuals who are trying their best to understand Jesus’ message of love and redemption.
  • The show does an excellent job of bringing these characters to life and showing us their personal struggles and triumphs.
  • Whether you are familiar with the biblical story or not, ‘The Chosen’ offers a fresh and engaging portrayal of these iconic figures.

In conclusion, the disciples of Jesus in ‘The Chosen’ are a diverse group of individuals who each bring their own unique perspectives and struggles to the table. Through their stories, we see how Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness can transform even the most flawed and broken among us. Whether you are a fan of the show or simply interested in learning more about these iconic characters, there is much to be gained from exploring their stories further.