Who Are the True Disciples of Jesus?


As Christians, we often hear the term “disciple” being used to describe followers of Jesus. But who are the true disciples of Jesus

What characteristics do they possess In this article, we will explore what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus and how we can strive to become one.

What is a Disciple

In its simplest form, a disciple is a follower or student of a teacher. In the case of Christianity, a disciple is someone who follows and learns from Jesus Christ. However, being a disciple is not just about following blindly; it involves an active pursuit of learning from Jesus and applying His teachings to our lives.

The Characteristics of True Discipleship

So what are the characteristics that define true discipleship Let’s take a look at some key traits:

  1. Commitment: True disciples are committed to following Jesus no matter what. They are willing to give up their own desires and ambitions in order to pursue God’s will for their lives.
  2. Surrender: A true disciple recognizes that they are not in control and surrenders their life to God’s plan. They trust in His goodness and sovereignty.
  3. Humility: True disciples recognize that they are not perfect and are willing to admit their faults and weaknesses.

    They also acknowledge that all good things come from God.

  4. Obedience: A true disciple obeys God’s commands even when it’s difficult or goes against their own desires. They understand that obedience leads to blessings.
  5. Loving Others: True disciples love others as themselves, just as Jesus commanded. They seek to serve and care for others, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Examples of True Disciples in the Bible

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of true disciples who lived out these characteristics. One such example is Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples.

Despite his flaws and mistakes, Peter remained committed to following Jesus and spreading His message even when faced with persecution. Another example is Paul, who surrendered his life to God’s plan and became one of the most influential leaders in Christianity.

Becoming a True Disciple

So how can we become true disciples of Jesus It starts with a willingness to commit ourselves to Him and surrender our lives to His plan. We must also strive to live out the characteristics of true discipleship, seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit along the way.

Here are some practical steps we can take:

  • Study: Regularly study God’s Word and meditate on His teachings.
  • Prayer: Pray for guidance and ask the Holy Spirit to help us become more like Jesus.
  • Fellowship: Surround ourselves with other believers who can encourage us in our faith.
  • Serve: Look for opportunities to serve others and share the love of Christ with those around us.


In conclusion, being a true disciple of Jesus involves more than just following Him; it requires a commitment to learning from Him and living out His teachings in our daily lives. Let us strive to become true disciples by surrendering our lives to God’s plan and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit.