Who Has the Best Army in Ancient Greece?

When it comes to ancient Greece, one of the most notable aspects of its history was the powerful armies that emerged from various city-states. These armies were composed of warriors who were trained to fight using different tactics, weapons, and strategies.

But the question remains – who had the best army in ancient Greece? Let’s explore some of the contenders.


Sparta was undoubtedly one of the most powerful city-states in ancient Greece. Their army, known as the Spartan army, was feared by many due to its rigorous training and discipline.

The Spartans were known for their hoplite soldiers, who fought in a phalanx formation with overlapping shields and long spears. This formation allowed them to withstand enemy attacks and push through enemy lines with ease. Additionally, they also had an elite group of soldiers called the Spartiates who received extensive training from a young age and were considered some of the best warriors in all of Greece.


Athens may not have had a reputation for being a military powerhouse like Sparta did, but they still had a formidable army. Athens’ military power came from their navy, which allowed them to dominate sea trade routes and protect their city-state from naval attacks. They also had well-trained soldiers known as hoplites who fought in phalanx formations similar to Sparta’s soldiers.


Corinth may not be as well-known as Sparta or Athens when it comes to military might, but they still had an impressive army. They were known for their skilled cavalry troops who rode horses into battle and could maneuver around enemy lines efficiently. Additionally, Corinth also had skilled hoplite soldiers who fought alongside their cavalry.


Thebes may not have been as dominant as other city-states like Sparta or Athens at first glance when it comes to military power, but their innovative tactics and strategies allowed them to become a significant force. The Theban army was known for its use of the oblique formation, which allowed them to outflank enemy forces and attack from the side. This tactic proved to be effective in battles such as the Battle of Leuctra, where the Thebans defeated the Spartans.


In conclusion, each city-state had its strengths and weaknesses when it came to their armies. Sparta was known for its discipline and rigorous training, Athens for its navy power, Corinth for its cavalry troops, and Thebes for its innovative tactics.

It’s tough to determine who had the best army in ancient Greece since each city-state had unique advantages that made them effective in battle. However, it’s safe to say that all these city-states played an important role in shaping ancient Greek history with their armies.