Who Is Lamont American History X?

Lamont American History X is a character from the 1998 film American History X. The film is a dramatic portrayal of the neo-Nazi movement in America and its impact on individuals and communities. Lamont, played by actor Guy Torry, is a pivotal character in the movie who challenges the beliefs and actions of the main character, Derek Vinyard, played by Edward Norton.


Lamont is an African-American inmate whom Derek encounters during his time in prison. Derek, a former white supremacist, seeks protection from his Aryan Brotherhood associates while serving time for murder. However, he finds himself at odds with Lamont when he tries to claim ownership of a laundry room where Lamont and other black inmates work.

The Transformation

At first, Lamont sees Derek as just another white supremacist who needs to be put in his place. But as they work together in the laundry room, they begin to have conversations that challenge their preconceptions about each other’s race and identity. Slowly but surely, Lamont becomes an ally to Derek and helps him see the error of his ways.

The Impact

Lamont’s role in American History X cannot be overstated. He represents the possibility of redemption for someone who has been indoctrinated into hate groups. Through his interactions with Derek, he shows that there is hope for change and growth even in the darkest corners of society.


In conclusion, Lamont American History X is an important character that plays a critical role in challenging the beliefs of those around him. His ability to see beyond racial boundaries and connect with people on a human level makes him an inspiring figure even today. The use of this character in American History X serves as a reminder that race isn’t everything and that we all have more similarities than differences.