Who Is the Girlfriend in American History X?

If you have watched the movie ‘American History X’, you might have wondered who the girlfriend of Derek Vinyard, the protagonist, is. Although the movie does not reveal her identity, there are a few clues that can help us piece together her character.

Who is Derek’s Girlfriend in American History X?

In the movie, Derek’s girlfriend is only referred to as “Stacy” and we don’t get to know much about her. However, we can gather some information based on her actions and a few lines of dialogue.

Stacy’s Character

From what we see in the film, Stacy is portrayed as a supportive and caring girlfriend. She stands by Derek’s side throughout his journey of transformation and tries to help him overcome his prejudices.

One of the most significant scenes featuring Stacy is when she tells Derek that she doesn’t like his swastika tattoo. This conversation leads to an emotional moment where Derek starts to question his beliefs.

Actress who played Stacy

The actress who played Stacy in American History X is Fairuza Balk. Fairuza Balk has appeared in several popular movies including ‘The Craft’, ‘Almost Famous’, and ‘The Waterboy’.

Stacy’s Role in the Plot

Although Stacy does not play a major role in the plot, her character serves as a catalyst for Derek’s transformation. Her unwavering support and love for him make him realize the error of his ways and strive toward redemption.


In conclusion, although we don’t get much information about Derek’s girlfriend in American History X outside of her name being “Stacy”, her character still plays an important role in the film. With only a few scenes, she manages to support and influence Derek during his journey towards redemption.