Who Is the Head of the Museum of Natural History?

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest and most renowned museums in the world. It attracts millions of visitors each year with its extensive collection of artifacts, exhibits, and scientific research.

But who is the head of this prestigious institution? Let’s explore.

Introduction to the American Museum of Natural History

Before we dive into the leadership structure at the museum, let’s take a brief look at what this institution is all about. The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and is located in New York City. It has a vast collection of specimens and artifacts from all over the world, including dinosaurs, fossils, human cultures, and much more.

The museum has more than 200 scientists on staff who conduct research on a wide range of topics related to natural history. In addition to exhibits and research, the museum also has an extensive library and archives that contain millions of books, documents, and photographs.

The President of the American Museum of Natural History

So who is in charge at this massive institution? The president of the American Museum of Natural History is Ellen V. Futter. Futter has been with the museum since 1993 and has overseen many major initiatives during her tenure.

Under Futter’s leadership, the museum has expanded its scientific research programs and embarked on major renovations to update its facilities. She has also played an active role in fundraising efforts for the museum, helping to secure millions in donations from private individuals and foundations.

Futter’s Background

Before joining the American Museum of Natural History, Futter had a distinguished career in government and public service. She served as president of Barnard College for over a decade and was also chairperson of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission during President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Futter holds degrees from Harvard University and Columbia Law School and has received numerous awards for her work in education, science, and public service. She is widely respected in the museum world for her leadership and vision.


In summary, Ellen V. Futter is the president of the American Museum of Natural History. She has played a key role in shaping the institution over the past several decades, overseeing major renovations and expanding its scientific research programs. With Futter at the helm, this esteemed museum is sure to continue to thrive and inspire generations to come.