Who Is the Real Disciples of Jesus?

Have you ever wondered who the real disciples of Jesus are? In the Bible, we hear about the twelve apostles who were chosen by Jesus himself to spread his teachings. But who else can be considered a disciple of Jesus?

The definition of a disciple

Before delving into who the real disciples of Jesus are, we first need to define what a disciple actually is. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a disciple is “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” In Christianity, specifically, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus and his teachings.

The twelve apostles

The most well-known disciples of Jesus are undoubtedly the twelve apostles. These were men that Jesus personally chose to follow him and learn from him. They were Peter, James (son of Zebedee), John (brother of James), Andrew (Peter’s brother), Philip, Bartholomew (also known as Nathanael), Matthew (also known as Levi), Thomas (also known as Didymus), James (son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus (also known as Judas, son of James), Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot.

These twelve men traveled with Jesus throughout his ministry and witnessed many miracles. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, they continued to spread his teachings throughout the world.

Other notable disciples

While not as well-known as the twelve apostles, there were many other people who can be considered disciples of Jesus. For example:

  • Mary Magdalene: She was one of Jesus’ closest followers and was present at his crucifixion and burial. She was also one of the first people to witness his resurrection.
  • Lazarus: He was a friend of Jesus’ who he famously raised from the dead.
  • Joseph of Arimathea: He was a wealthy man who provided Jesus with a tomb for his burial.
  • Nicodemus: He was a Pharisee who came to Jesus seeking answers. He is perhaps best known for his role in helping to prepare Jesus’ body for burial.

These are just a few examples of the many other disciples of Jesus that are mentioned in the Bible.

What it means to be a disciple today

So, who can be considered a disciple of Jesus today? The answer is anyone who follows his teachings and strives to live their life according to his example. This can include:

  • Christians who attend church and read the Bible regularly.
  • People who volunteer their time and resources to help others.
  • Those who strive to live their lives with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Being a disciple of Jesus is not just about following a set of rules or attending church every Sunday. It’s about embodying his teachings in your everyday life and striving to make the world a better place.

In conclusion

The real disciples of Jesus are not just limited to the twelve apostles. Anyone who accepts and spreads his teachings can be considered a disciple.

From Mary Magdalene to modern-day Christians, there have been countless people throughout history who have followed in Jesus’ footsteps. And while being a disciple may look different for each individual, the underlying principles remain the same: love, compassion, forgiveness, and service.