Who Is the Richest King in the World History?

When it comes to wealth, the world has seen its fair share of rich and powerful rulers. From emperors to monarchs, these leaders commanded vast territories and amassed great fortunes throughout history.

But who exactly is the richest king in the world history? Let’s dive into the fascinating tale of some of the wealthiest monarchs to ever rule.

Emperor Shenzong of Song – China

Emperor Shenzong, also known as Zhao Xu, was a ruler of the Song dynasty in China during the 11th century. He ascended to the throne at just 23 years old and quickly proved himself to be a capable leader. Under his reign, China experienced significant economic growth and cultural development.

Shenzong’s personal wealth was said to be staggering.

According to historians, he owned over 30 million taels of silver – an amount that would equate to around $30 billion USD today. His wealth came from a variety of sources, including land ownership, taxes collected from his subjects, and tribute paid by neighboring countries.

King Solomon – Israel

King Solomon is perhaps best known for his wisdom and building of the first temple in Jerusalem. However, he was also one of the richest kings in history. He ruled Israel during the 10th century BCE and oversaw a period of prosperity and expansion for his kingdom.

According to biblical accounts, King Solomon received tribute from neighboring kingdoms in the form of gold, silver, precious stones, and exotic goods like peacocks and apes. He also owned vast amounts of land throughout his kingdom and maintained a large standing army.

King Croesus – Lydia

King Croesus ruled over Lydia (in modern-day Turkey) during the 6th century BCE. He was known for his wealth and generosity, and his name has become synonymous with great riches.

Croesus’ wealth was derived from the rich gold deposits found in the rivers of Lydia, which he used to mint his own currency. He also taxed his subjects heavily, but in return provided them with a high standard of living and public amenities like paved roads and irrigation systems.

King Mansa Musa – Mali

King Mansa Musa is widely considered to be one of the richest people in history, let alone one of the richest kings. He ruled over the Mali Empire in West Africa during the 14th century and was known for his piety and generosity as well as his wealth.

Musa’s wealth came from the vast gold reserves found within his kingdom.

He made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324, where he gave away so much gold that he caused inflation in Cairo and Medina. His personal net worth has been estimated at around $400 billion USD – an amount that would make him the richest person alive today.


While there have been many wealthy rulers throughout history, these four kings stand out as some of the richest ever to have lived. From China to West Africa, their wealth came from a variety of sources – including taxes, tribute, land ownership, and natural resources like gold.

Regardless of where their riches came from, these kings left a lasting mark on history thanks to their power and influence.