Who Made Jewelry in Ancient Greece?

Jewelry has been a sign of wealth and status for centuries, and ancient Greece was no exception. The Greeks were known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is evident in the jewelry they created. But who exactly made these beautiful pieces?


In ancient Greece, goldsmiths were highly respected artisans who specialized in working with gold. They would create everything from simple earrings to elaborate necklaces and diadems fit for a queen. These skilled craftsmen were often commissioned by the wealthy elite to create bespoke pieces of jewelry that were unique to them.


Goldsmiths used a variety of techniques to create their masterpieces. One popular technique was granulation, where tiny gold balls were soldered onto a larger piece of gold.

This created a textured effect that was both intricate and beautiful. Another technique was filigree, where thin wires of gold were twisted and soldered together to create delicate patterns.


Silversmiths were also highly respected in ancient Greece. While they didn’t work exclusively with silver (they also worked with other metals such as bronze), they were known for creating stunning silver pieces that were often adorned with precious stones.

Like goldsmiths, silversmiths used a range of techniques to create their jewelry. One popular technique was repoussé, where the metal was hammered from the back to create a raised design on the front. Another technique was chasing, where the design was hammered into the metal from the front.


While goldsmiths and silversmiths worked primarily with metals, beadmakers focused on creating beautiful beads out of materials such as glass and clay.

Beadmakers used a variety of techniques depending on the material they were working with. For example, glass beads were made by heating glass rods until they melted and then shaping them into the desired shape. Clay beads were made by molding the clay into the desired shape and then firing it in a kiln.


In conclusion, jewelry making was an important art form in ancient Greece, and it was practiced by a range of skilled artisans including goldsmiths, silversmiths, and beadmakers. These craftsmen used a range of techniques to create their beautiful pieces, which were often commissioned by the wealthy elite. Today, ancient Greek jewelry is admired for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty.