Who Played Miriam in History of the World?

If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks’ comedy films, you might be wondering – Who played Miriam in History of the World? Miriam is a character from the 1981 film “History of the World: Part I,” which is a satirical take on various historical events and time periods. In this article, we’ll explore who played this memorable character and what they brought to the role.

Who Is Miriam?

Miriam is a character in the “Jews in Space” segment of the film, which is a spoof of science fiction movies like Star Wars. She is a beautiful woman who falls in love with the main character, Herschel, played by Mel Brooks. The two share several romantic moments throughout the segment before ultimately saving their people from their evil overlords.

Who Played Miriam?

The actress who played Miriam was none other than actress and model Mary-Margaret Humes. Humes was born on April 4th, 1954, in Florida, USA. She began her career as a model before transitioning into acting in the late 1970s.

Humes’ first major role was as Gail Ramsey on the soap opera “The Young and The Restless.” She later appeared on several other popular TV shows such as “L.A. Law,” “Matlock,” and “Murder She Wrote.” However, her most significant role was undoubtedly playing Miriam in “History of the World: Part I.”

What Did Humes Bring To The Role?

Mary-Margaret Humes brought her natural beauty and charm to the role of Miriam. Her chemistry with Mel Brooks was palpable on-screen, making their romantic scenes all the more enjoyable for viewers. Additionally, Humes’ performance showcased her ability to handle comedic material with ease.

One notable scene that demonstrated Humes’ comedic chops was when Miriam and Herschel first meet. In the scene, Herschel is trying to hide from the guards, and Miriam mistakes him for a statue. Humes’ delivery of the line “What a beautiful statue” was both hilarious and endearing.


In conclusion, Mary-Margaret Humes played the role of Miriam in “History of the World: Part I.” Her performance as the beautiful and charming love interest to Mel Brooks’ character was memorable and added to the film’s comedic value. If you haven’t seen “History of the World: Part I,” it’s worth checking out for Humes’ performance alone.