Who Scored the First Goal in World Cup History?

The first goal in the history of the FIFA World Cup was scored by Lucien Laurent of France. The inaugural tournament took place in 1930, in Uruguay and featured 13 teams from around the world.

The First World Cup

The idea for a global football tournament was first proposed by Sir Thomas Lipton, a British tea magnate, in 1909. However, it was not until two decades later that the tournament finally came to fruition.

The Inaugural Tournament

The first-ever FIFA World Cup took place from July 13 to July 30, 1930, and featured teams from four continents. The tournament was organized by Jules Rimet, a French football administrator who had been instrumental in establishing the international governing body for football.

The First Goal

Lucien Laurent scored the first goal of the tournament on July 13, 1930, in a match between France and Mexico. The game took place at the Estadio Pocitos in Montevideo, Uruguay and was attended by over 4,000 spectators.

The Goal Scorer

Lucien Laurent was born on December 10th, 1907 in Saint-Maur-des-Foss├ęs near Paris. He made his debut for France against Italy in May 1930 but his biggest moment came just two months later at the World Cup.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Lucien Laurent’s goal will forever be etched into football history as the first-ever goal scored at a FIFA World Cup. It is remarkable to think that this momentous occasion took place over nine decades ago and since then we have seen countless memorable goals scored at this prestigious tournament.