Who Was a Famous Artist in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a hub for arts and culture, with many famous artists emerging during that time. Among these artists, one name that stands out is Phidias.

Phidias was a renowned sculptor and architect who lived in Athens during the 5th century BC. He is known for his masterpieces such as the statue of Athena Parthenos, which stood in the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens.

Early Life and Education:
Phidias was born in Athens around 480 BC. He learned his craft under Ageladas of Argos, who was a renowned sculptor of that time. Phidias’ early education allowed him to develop his skills in sculpture and architecture.

The Works of Phidias:
Phidias was commissioned by Pericles, an Athenian statesman, to create the grandest statue of Athena that Athens had ever seen. The result was the majestic statue of Athena Parthenos – a towering masterpiece made entirely out of ivory and gold.

Another notable work by Phidias is the colossal statue of Zeus at Olympia. This sculpture stood at almost 40 feet tall and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Phidias’ works were not just limited to sculptures; he also designed architectural elements such as friezes for buildings like the Parthenon.


Despite being long gone, Phidias’ legacy lives on through his works. His sculptures have been admired for centuries and have influenced many other artists throughout history. His techniques have been studied and emulated by countless sculptors over time.


In conclusion, Phidias was undoubtedly one of the greatest artists in ancient Greece. His contributions to art during this period were immense, making him an icon even today. The beauty and significance of his sculptures have made him an inspiration for many artists throughout the ages.