Who Was Books History of the World?

The Who Was series of books is a popular collection of biographies for kids that covers some of the most iconic and influential figures in history. The series has been a go-to resource for parents, teachers, and young readers alike for over 20 years.

One of the most popular titles in the series is Who Was History of the World? Let’s dive into what makes this book an essential read.

The Content

Who Was History of the World? takes readers on an exciting journey through time, exploring some of the most significant events and figures in world history. From ancient civilizations to modern-day innovations, this book covers it all.

The book starts by introducing readers to the concept of history and how it is studied. It then delves into prehistoric times, discussing early humans and their evolution.

The book then moves on to explore ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China. It covers major historical events such as wars and revolutions while also profiling influential people like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.

The book also highlights key moments in European history such as the Renaissance, Age of Exploration, and Industrial Revolution. It also explores world-changing events like World War I and II as well as important social movements such as civil rights.

The Writing Style

One of the things that make this book so engaging is its writing style. The author uses a clear and concise language that is easy for young readers to understand without being condescending or oversimplifying complex topics.

The text is broken down into short chapters with subheadings that make it easy for readers to follow along with the narrative flow. Each chapter features plenty of interesting facts and anecdotes that help bring historical figures and events to life.

The Visuals

In addition to its engaging text, Who Was History of the World? also features plenty of visuals that help bring history alive.

The book is illustrated with colorful and detailed illustrations that depict key moments and figures in history. The use of bold text, underlined text, lists, and subheaders make the content easy to scan and digest.

The book also features maps, timelines, and charts that help readers understand the broader context of historical events. These visuals are strategically placed throughout the book to enhance the reading experience.


Who Was History of the World? is an excellent resource for young readers who want to learn more about world history.

Its engaging writing style, informative content, and visual aids make it an essential read for parents, teachers, and students alike. Whether you’re a history buff or just starting to learn about the past, this book is sure to provide hours of educational entertainment.