Who Was the First King of Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece has a rich history filled with fascinating myths and legends. Among the most notable figures in Greek history are the kings who ruled various city-states.

But who was the first king of Ancient Greece? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think, so let’s dive into the details.

What is Ancient Greece?

Before we get into the first king of Ancient Greece, it’s essential to understand what Ancient Greece was. Ancient Greece refers to a period in Greek history that lasted from around 800 BCE to 146 BCE. This period was characterized by significant advancements in art, philosophy, science, and politics.

What Were City-States?

City-states were independent states that existed within Ancient Greece. Each city-state had its own government and laws, and they were often in conflict with one another.

Who Was the First King of Ancient Greece?

The first king of Ancient Greece is said to be Cecrops I. According to Greek mythology, Cecrops I was a half-man half-serpent creature who ruled over Athens for fifty years.

However, some historians argue that Cecrops I may not have been an actual historical figure but rather a mythical one created by ancient Greeks to explain their origins.

Another possible candidate for the first king of Ancient Greece is Inachus. Inachus was said to have ruled over Argos and is considered by some to be the founder of the Mycenaean civilization.

The Mycenaean Civilization

The Mycenaean civilization was an ancient civilization that existed from around 1600 BCE to 1100 BCE. It is known for its impressive architecture, including palaces and fortresses.

The Importance of Kings in Ancient Greece

Kings played a crucial role in ancient Greek society. They were responsible for maintaining order and protecting their city-states from external threats. They also oversaw religious ceremonies and acted as judges in legal disputes.


The first king of Ancient Greece is a topic that is still debated by historians and scholars to this day. While Cecrops I is the most commonly cited candidate, the existence of Inachus raises questions about who truly deserves the title of the first king. Regardless, kings played a significant role in ancient Greek society, laying the foundation for centuries of political and cultural advancements.