Who Was the First Person That Jesus Brought Back to Life?

Many people know that Jesus performed numerous miracles during his time on earth. One of the most astounding of these miracles was when he brought people back to life.

But who was the first person that Jesus brought back to life? Let’s explore this question and find out.

The Story of Lazarus

The first person that Jesus brought back to life was a man named Lazarus. The story of Lazarus is recorded in the Bible in the book of John, chapter 11. In this chapter, we learn that Lazarus was a friend of Jesus and the brother of two women, Mary and Martha.

One day, while Jesus was away from Lazarus and his family, he received word that Lazarus had become very sick. Despite this news, Jesus did not immediately go to see him. Instead, he waited for two more days before beginning his journey to see Lazarus.

When Jesus finally arrived in Bethany (the town where Lazarus lived), he found that Lazarus had already died and had been buried four days earlier. Mary and Martha were heartbroken and were mourning their brother’s death.

The Miracle

Jesus asked to be taken to the tomb where they had laid Lazarus’ body. Once there, he ordered for the stone covering the entrance of the tomb to be removed. Then, he prayed out loud for God to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Suddenly, something miraculous happened – Lazarus emerged from the tomb alive! He was no longer dead but had been brought back to life by Jesus’ incredible power.

The Significance

This miracle held great significance for those who witnessed it. It showed not only Jesus’ power over death but also his compassion for those who were grieving. It also served as a foreshadowing of his own resurrection which would happen just a few weeks later.

  • Jesus’ power over death was a clear demonstration of his divinity.
  • Lazarus’ resurrection was a sign of hope for all those who believe in Jesus.
  • It was also a reminder that death is not the end and that there is life beyond this world.


The story of Lazarus is an incredible testament to Jesus’ power and compassion. He brought Lazarus back to life, showing that he has power over death and that there is always hope for those who believe in him. This miracle serves as a reminder to us all that there is life beyond this world, and that through Jesus, we can have eternal life with God.