Who Was the Prettiest Girl in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, beauty was highly valued. It was not just about physical appearance but also about grace, elegance, and intelligence.

Many women were revered for their beauty and considered to be some of the most stunning in all of history. But who was the prettiest girl in ancient Greece?

There are several contenders for this title, but one name stands out above the rest – Helen of Troy. According to Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and was said to be so beautiful that her face launched a thousand ships.

The Legend of Helen

Legend has it that Helen’s beauty caused a war between the Greeks and Trojans known as the Trojan War. The story goes that Paris, a Trojan prince, fell in love with Helen after seeing her at a banquet. He then abducted her from her husband, Menelaus, who then rallied the Greeks for war.

The Trojan War lasted for ten years and ended with the Greeks winning by using a clever tactic – they built a giant wooden horse filled with soldiers and left it outside the gates of Troy as an offering. Once inside, the soldiers emerged from the horse and defeated Troy.

Helen’s Beauty

But what made Helen so beautiful? According to some accounts, she had golden hair that cascaded down her back in waves. Her eyes were said to be bright blue like the sky on a clear day, and her skin was as soft as silk.

But it wasn’t just her physical features that made her beautiful; it was also her grace and poise. She moved with elegance and confidence, captivating everyone around her.

Other Contenders

While Helen is often considered to be the prettiest girl in ancient Greece, there were other women who were also renowned for their beauty:

  • Cleopatra – The last pharaoh of Egypt was known for her striking features and smoky eyes.
  • Aphrodite – The goddess of love and beauty was said to be the most beautiful being in all of creation.
  • Phryne – This ancient Greek courtesan was known for her stunning looks and was even put on trial for impiety because of it.


In conclusion, while there were many beautiful women in ancient Greece, Helen of Troy is often considered to be the prettiest. Her beauty not only caused a war but also captured the hearts and imaginations of people throughout history. She remains an enduring symbol of beauty, grace, and power.