Who Were the Druids in Ancient Times?

The Druids were a group of wise men and women who lived in ancient times. They were known for their knowledge of nature, astronomy, and religion. The Druids were an important part of Celtic society, and they played a significant role in the culture and traditions of the Celts.

Who Were the Druids?

The Druids were members of a professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. They were considered to be the keepers of tradition, law, and knowledge. The Druids were highly respected by their communities for their wisdom and insight.

The Role of the Druids

The role of the Druids was varied, but they were primarily known for their religious practices. They served as priests, performing rituals and ceremonies to honor the gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology. They also acted as judges, settling disputes between members of their tribes.

In addition to their religious and judicial roles, the Druids were also scholars. They studied astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and other subjects that were important to Celtic society.

Druidic Practices

The practices of the Druids varied depending on the region where they lived. However, there are some common elements that are found throughout most Druidic traditions.

One such element is the use of sacred groves or trees. Trees held a special significance for the Celts, who believed that they served as a bridge between worlds. The Druids would perform rituals or hold meetings in these sacred spaces.

Another important aspect of Druidic practice was sacrifice. While some modern depictions portray the Celts as barbaric people who engaged in human sacrifice, this is not entirely accurate. While there is evidence that animal sacrifice occurred within some traditions, it is unlikely that human sacrifice was common.

The Decline of the Druids

The decline of the Druids began with the Roman conquest of Celtic lands. The Romans saw the Druids as a threat to their power and sought to eliminate them. In 54 BCE, Julius Caesar led an invasion of Britain that resulted in the destruction of many Druidic sites.

The decline of the Druids continued with the spread of Christianity throughout Europe. As Christianity became the dominant religion, the practices and beliefs of the Druids were suppressed.


The Druids were an important part of ancient Celtic culture. They served as religious leaders, judges, and scholars, and their knowledge and wisdom were highly respected by their communities. While their practices may seem strange to us today, they played a significant role in shaping the traditions and beliefs of Celtic society.