Who Were the Kings of Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was one of the most powerful and influential civilizations of the ancient world. The Greeks were ruled by different kings throughout their history, each with their own unique legacy.

Early Kings of Greece

According to Greek mythology, the first king of Greece was Inachus, who founded the city of Argos. He was succeeded by his son Phoroneus, who is believed to have introduced fire and created laws for his people. Other early kings included Perseus, who founded Mycenae, and Aeacus, who became a hero in Greek mythology.

The Mycenaean Kings

During the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 BCE), several powerful kingdoms emerged in Greece. These kingdoms were ruled by powerful monarchs known as wanax or “king”. The most famous among them was Agamemnon, who led the Greeks in their war against Troy.

The Archaic Period

The Archaic period (750-480 BCE) saw the rise of city-states or polis in Greece. These city-states were ruled by a variety of rulers including monarchs, oligarchs, and tyrants. Some famous kings from this period include:

  • Lycurgus – King of Sparta who is credited with creating the Spartan military system.
  • Pisistratus – Tyrant of Athens who initiated many public works projects.
  • Cleisthenes – Athenian statesman who is considered to be the father of Athenian democracy.

The Classical Period

The classical period (480-323 BCE) saw Athens emerge as a dominant power in Greece. During this time, Athens was ruled by an elected council known as the Boule and a general assembly known as the Ecclesia.

However, there were still some kings who ruled over smaller city-states. Notable among them were:

  • Archidamus II – King of Sparta who led the Spartans in their war against Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
  • Philip II – King of Macedon who conquered Greece and laid the foundation for his son Alexander the Great’s conquests.

The Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic period (323-31 BCE) saw the rise of the Hellenistic kingdoms after Alexander’s death. These kingdoms were ruled by Greek-speaking monarchs who blended Greek culture with local traditions. The most famous among them were:

  • Ptolemy I – Founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt and one of Alexander’s generals.
  • Seleucus I – Founder of the Seleucid Empire in Persia and one of Alexander’s generals.


Throughout their long history, the Greeks were ruled by a variety of kings, each with their own unique legacy. From Inachus to Seleucus, these monarchs played an important role in shaping Greek culture and history.