Who Were the Three Disciples Who Went With Jesus?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had many followers during his time on Earth. However, there were three disciples who he chose to be his closest companions and confidants. These three men were Peter, James, and John.


Peter was a fisherman by trade before he met Jesus. He was known for being impulsive and passionate.

Jesus saw potential in him and gave him the name “Peter,” which means “rock.” Peter was one of the first disciples that Jesus called to follow him.

Peter was present during many significant events in Jesus’ life, such as the Transfiguration and the Last Supper. He also denied knowing Jesus three times after his arrest, but later repented of his actions.


James was also a fisherman before he met Jesus. He was the son of Zebedee and brother to John. James was known for being ambitious and wanting to sit next to Jesus in heaven.

James was present during some significant events in Jesus’ life as well. He witnessed the healing of Jairus’ daughter and accompanied Peter and John to the Mount of Transfiguration.

Unfortunately, James’ life ended too soon when he became the first disciple to be martyred for his faith at the hands of King Herod Agrippa I.


John was also a fisherman before he met Jesus. He was the brother of James and son of Zebedee. John is often referred to as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

John had a close relationship with Jesus and is often depicted as being near him during significant events such as the Last Supper. John also witnessed many miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry.

After Jesus’ death, John became a prominent leader in the early Christian church. He wrote several books in the New Testament, including the Gospel of John, 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John.


Peter, James, and John were three of Jesus’ closest disciples. They witnessed many significant events in Jesus’ life and ministry and went on to play important roles in the early Christian church. Their stories serve as an inspiration to Christians around the world today.