Who Won the First Cricket World Cup in History?

Cricket lovers across the globe hold the Cricket World Cup in high esteem. It is one of the most prestigious and coveted titles in international cricket.

The event is held every four years, and the top cricket-playing nations compete fiercely to bring home the trophy. But have you ever wondered who won the very first Cricket World Cup? Let’s dive into the history of this iconic tournament to find out.

Origins of the Cricket World Cup

The idea for a Cricket World Cup was first proposed by Sir Julian Cahn of England in 1930. However, it took another 47 years for the first edition of this tournament to take place. The inaugural Cricket World Cup was held in 1975, hosted by England.

The First Cricket World Cup

The first edition of the Cricket World Cup saw eight teams participating. They were divided into two groups – Group A and Group B.

Group A consisted of England, New Zealand, India, and East Africa. Group B had Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, and Sri Lanka.

The tournament followed a round-robin format, with each team playing against all other teams in their group once. The top two teams from each group would then qualify for the semi-finals.


In the first semi-final match, England faced off against Australia at Headingley in Leeds on June 18th. Australia emerged victorious by four wickets with three balls to spare.

The second semi-final between West Indies and Pakistan was held at The Oval in London on June 20th. West Indies won comfortably by seven wickets with more than 25 overs to spare.


The final match was held at Lord’s cricket ground in London on June 21st between Australia and West Indies. Australia batted first and set a Target of 291 runs for West Indies to chase.

West Indies started off well, with openers Gordon Greenidge and Roy Fredericks putting up a solid partnership. However, the Australian bowlers made a stunning comeback, led by Gary Gilmour, who took 5 wickets for just 48 runs.

In the end, West Indies was bowled out for 274 runs, falling short of Australia’s total by just 17 runs. Australia emerged as the winners of the first-ever Cricket World Cup.


The first Cricket World Cup was a historic event that set the stage for many exciting tournaments to come. It was won by Australia, who went on to win the tournament four more times in their illustrious cricketing history.

As we look forward to upcoming editions of the Cricket World Cup, let us remember the pioneers who laid the foundation for this iconic tournament.