Who Writes American History Tellers?

American history is full of fascinating tales of triumph, tragedy, and everything in between. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement, there are countless stories that have shaped our nation’s past and continue to impact our present.

But who writes these stories? Who are the American history tellers that bring these events to life?

The Historians

At the heart of every great history story is a historian. These individuals dedicate their lives to researching and interpreting historical events and figures. They pour over primary sources like journals, letters, and government documents to piece together a narrative that accurately reflects what happened in the past.

Some notable American historians include Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough, and Ron Chernow. These authors have written best-selling books on topics ranging from Abraham Lincoln’s presidency to the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Journalists

While historians focus on the big picture of American history, journalists are often responsible for uncovering specific details or breaking news stories related to historical events. They interview eyewitnesses or experts in their fields to get a better understanding of what happened and why it matters.

Journalists who cover American history might work for newspapers or magazines like The New York Times or Smithsonian Magazine. They might also create podcasts or documentaries for outlets like NPR or PBS.

The Archivists

Archivists are responsible for preserving historical documents and artifacts so that they can be studied by future generations. They work in museums, libraries, and archives across the country to catalog and protect items like letters from famous figures or photographs from key moments in American history.

Some notable archives where important historical materials are kept include The National Archives in Washington D.C., The New York Public Library’s Manuscripts Division, and The California State Archives.

The Educators

Finally, educators play a crucial role in telling America’s history story. They teach students about key events and figures in American history, helping to shape the next generation’s understanding of our past. Educators might work in K-12 schools, colleges, or even museums.

Some notable educators in American history include Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., who teaches at Harvard University and hosts the PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” and Dr. Kevin Gannon, a professor of history at Grand View University who is known for his work on teaching difficult topics like slavery and racism.

In conclusion, American history tellers come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. From historians to journalists to archivists to educators, each plays a critical role in bringing America’s past to life. By working together, they help us understand where we’ve been and where we’re going as a nation.