Who Wrote History of the World 1614?

The History of the World 1614 is a book that has been a subject of great interest among historians and literature enthusiasts. The book was published in 1614 and has been attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, an English writer, poet, soldier, and explorer.

There is no doubt that Raleigh had a significant influence on the book’s creation. However, there are several other writers who contributed to the text. These writers include Francis Bacon, Richard Knolles, Edward Phillips, Thomas Bodley, and Raleigh’s own son Walter.

The book is divided into five volumes and covers events from the beginning of time to the end of the Roman Empire. It provides a detailed account of historical events and people from various regions of the world. The language used in the book is elegant and poetic, which adds to its charm.

It is believed that Raleigh started writing the book while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London for treason. He had plenty of time on his hands and decided to use it productively by putting his extensive knowledge of history into writing.

Raleigh’s son played an essential role in completing the book as his father was unable to finish it due to his execution in 1618. His son added some final touches before publishing it posthumously.

Many historians have debated whether Raleigh deserves full credit for writing History of the World 1614. While he undoubtedly played a significant role in its creation, it would be unfair not to acknowledge the contributions made by other writers who helped bring this masterpiece to life.

In conclusion, History of the World 1614 is an essential piece of literature that provides valuable insights into various historical events and people from around the world. Its elegant language and poetic style make it an enjoyable read for those interested in history or literature alike. While Sir Walter Raleigh may have started writing this book while imprisoned in London Tower; however, it was a collective effort as several other writers also contributed their expertise to its creation.