Why Did Jesus Appear to Mary Magdalene First After Resurrection?

When Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion, he appeared to many of his followers. However, the first person to see him was not one of his apostles, but Mary Magdalene.

This fact has puzzled many people over the years. Why did Jesus choose to appear to Mary Magdalene first after his resurrection? Let’s explore some possible reasons.

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

Before we dive into the answer to this question, let’s first talk about who Mary Magdalene was. She was a woman from the town of Magdala in Galilee, and she is mentioned several times in the New Testament.

According to Luke 8:2-3, she was one of several women who traveled with Jesus and his disciples and helped support them financially. She is also mentioned as being present at Jesus’ crucifixion and burial (Matthew 27:56-61).

Mary Magdalene’s Relationship with Jesus

Now that we know who Mary Magdalene was, let’s talk about her relationship with Jesus. It’s clear from the Gospels that she had a close relationship with him.

In fact, in Luke 8:1-3, she is listed first among the women who traveled with Jesus and supported him financially. This suggests that she may have been a particularly important follower of his.

The Importance of Women in Jesus’ Ministry

It’s also worth noting that women played an important role in Jesus’ ministry overall. In a society where women were often marginalized and not taken seriously, Jesus treated them with respect and dignity.

He spoke to them directly (John 4:7-26), healed them (Mark 5:25-34), and even allowed them to sit at his feet and learn from him (Luke 10:38-42). This was highly unusual for a rabbi in that time and place.

Why Did Jesus Appear to Mary Magdalene First?

So why did Jesus choose to appear to Mary Magdalene first after his resurrection? There are several possible reasons.

First, as we’ve established, Mary Magdalene was a close follower of Jesus. He may have wanted to comfort her first and foremost, since she had just witnessed his brutal death on the cross.

Second, it’s possible that Jesus wanted to emphasize the importance of women in his ministry by appearing to one of his female followers first. This would have been a radical statement in a society where women were often ignored or dismissed.

Finally, some scholars have suggested that there may have been a practical reason for Jesus choosing Mary Magdalene as his first post-resurrection appearance. According to Mark 16:9, she had been possessed by seven demons before Jesus healed her. Some scholars believe that this history of demonic possession made her particularly receptive to spiritual experiences and visions, which could explain why she was the first person to see the risen Christ.


In conclusion, there are several possible reasons why Jesus chose to appear to Mary Magdalene first after his resurrection. Regardless of the specific reason, it’s clear that this event was highly significant. It shows us once again that Jesus valued women as much as men and that he came not just for the powerful or important people of the world but for all people, regardless of their background or past struggles.